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Paul’s year of running two charity challenges

Paul Muldoon is.. at it again!

Basically he is planning to do a lot of running in the next 12 months and thought it would be a good opportunity to raise money for two causes he feels very passionately about.

Firstly is our Emma Cosgrove Foundation. Paul got involved with last year with the pyjama appeal and like any charity we need support throughout the year, so he has decided to raise some funds for us.

Second is the MS Society. As you may know, his other (she’d say better) half was recently diagnosed with MS and until being thrust into the middle of it he knew very little about the condition. If he can, he would like to raise a bit of money for them to help raise a bit of awareness too.

It would be great if you could split your donation between both pages, I know it’s a faff but this was the only way I could get it so I could run for two charities. Fully understand if you want to give more to one than another because you feel more passionate about a certain charity as well.

So for the running, going to start off with something call a run-vent. Starting on the 1st December I’ll run 1km, the next day 2km, then 3km, and so on until the 24th December when I’ll run 24km. To keep it festive I will be running in as Father Christmas (just because!)

After that I’m going to run Manchester marathon, Windermere marathon and a 24 hour run which I’m aiming to run 100 miles at. I’m probably going to slot some other bits in there as well.


1st – 24th December: Run-vent

3rd April: Manchester marathon

22nd May: Windermere marathon

23rd – 24th July: Thunderrun 24 Hour

Feel free to click on the image below, to donate to Paul’s extraordinary cause.

Emma Cosgrove

Emma Cosgrove

Our aim is to help and support teenagers and young adults fighting or affected by cancer.

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